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About Golden Key's
Tri-Mentoring Program

UBC Golden Key is excited to introduce our 2015 Tri-Mentoring program.

We strongly encourage you to participate in this invaluable opportunity to meet mentors from your field of interest and learn from their expertise. 

Program Benefits & Opportunities

The UBC Tri-Mentoring Program helps connect industry leaders with both senior and junior students interested in their profession and experience. These mentors are paired with students mentees composed of: a mentor, who may be a UBC alumni or someone working in the industry; a senior mentee, who is currently a 3rd or 4th year student, and a junior mentee, who is currently a 1stor 2nd year student at UBC.

Our mentors provide insight into their relevant field of expertise to help students achieve their academic and professional goals. Whether you are a mentor or a mentee, you will benefit from the learning, skills and feedback gained in a mentor relationship.
Specifically, mentors do their best to provide insightful guidance and advice to support their mentees. These mentorships are about broadening your point of view and helping you build upon your career interests and accomplishments to help guide your future academic and professional path. The quality of a mentor relationship depends on the mentee’s initiative to actively keep in touch with your mentor throughout this learning process.
The Tri-Mentorship program offers the relationships through which you can develop your academic and professional potential.

Register Now

If you are interested in participating in the program, please fill out this sign-up sheet. 

We will do our best to match mentors and mentees according to their interests and faculties.
Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. 



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