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Officers & Advisors

Officers & Advisors

Ishmeet Singh


Hello everyone! My name is Ishmeet and I am a 4th year Pharmacology student. I joined Golden Key last year as the Service Director. This year I will be your co-president! I really look forward to meeting and working with the Golden Key team to organize some exciting initiatives for everyone. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

Jaspreet Padam

President in Training

Hello everyone! My name is Jaspreet and I am a recent BSc graduate, having integrated Physiology and Pharmacology. Last year I served as the Academics Director and this year I am pleased to be taking up the position of Co-President. I am excited to use my experiences from last year and my passion for academics, service, and leadership to bring to you amazing events and opportunities. I look forward to meeting with you and working alongside all the other passionate executive members of Golden Key. Do feel free to contact me with any questions you may have!

Phillip Yeung

Co-President in Training

Hello everyone, my name is Phillip and I am a 4th year Biochemistry student. I have the pleasure of serving as your Treasurer for this year and I am excited to work with the rest of the Golden Key team in organizing a successful year for everyone.

Raman Ubhi

Finance Director and Strategic Advisor

Hi everyone, my name is Raman and I am a 4th-year science student. Last year I served as co-president and this year I have the pleasure of being your advisor. I look forward to meeting and working with new inductees as well as the rest of the Golden Key team.

Jory Smallenberg

Service Director

Hi everyone! I am a Sociology Honours student studying ethical manufacturing, feminist theory, and refugee policy. My work as the co-founder and President of UBC Refugee Relief, Character Canada, and University Christian Ministries inspired me to take up the position of service director to continually invest in the UBC student community. Feel free to contact me at any time with outreach ideas for local projects. It would be great to have you come alongside us in service to the immediate and broader community!

Suraj Jani

Service Director

Hello everyone, my name is Suraj and I am a third year Economics student. This is my first year with Golden Key and I will be a Service Co-Director. I look forward to having a great experience working with the rest of the Golden Key team on numerous events this year.

Kamyar Taheri

Academics Director

Hello everyone! My name is Kamyar and I’m 4th year pharmacology students. I am passionate about the unknown, so I try to get involved in research as much as possible. This is my first year as a Golden Key executive and, as academic director, I am very excited in working with the executive team in bringing forth a great year for everyone.

Claire Watts-Grant

Tri-Mentoring Co-Director

Hi everyone, my name is Claire Watts-Grant and I am a 4th year kinesiology student. When I’m not in school you can usually find me either playing sports or at the gym. I have been a part of UBC Golden Key for a couple years now and am returning as Tri-Mentoring Co-Director after a semester of exchange in Australia. I am excited to get to know all the new people in our Golden Key exec team.

Jonathan Ma

Tri-Mentoring Co-Director

Hi everyone, my name is Jonathan Ma and I am a 3rd year Sociology major and Commerce minor student. As my first year in the UBC Golden Key executive team I will be taking up the role of Tri-mentoring co-director. This year I am hoping to expand the program and create more events for our participants which makes me very excited to be a part of the team.

Mary Aquilizan

Communications Co-Director

Hi everyone, my name is Mary Aquilizan and I am a 4th-year student in the Faculty Arts studying Math and Geography in the Environment and Sustainability stream. This is my first year at Golden Key and I will be working as the Communications Co-Director. I am looking forward to working with everyone in the Golden Key executive team for a year of successful events and programs!

Barbara Vipond

Communications Co-Director

Hello, my name is Barbara Vipond. I graduated from UBC with a B.Sc. in Cell Biology and Genetics, and I am currently pursuing an Executive Masters in Business Administration from Queen’s University. I am the Metal Sales Manager at Silver Standard Resources, a publicly listed mining company with assets across the Americas. I have been at the company for 5 years and my experience revolves around trading, relationship management, negotiations and global commerce. I currently volunteer as the Communications Director of the Golden Key International Honor Society, and I am a member of the Communications and Marketing Committee of the Association of Mineral Exploration of BC (AME BC). I also volunteered at the Ronald McDonald House, GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre, JDRF Canada, Global Outreach Student Association and Power to Be Adventure Therapy. I am a member of Jericho Tennis Club, Women in Mining, Forté Foundation and Vancouver Art Gallery. I look ahead to meeting and working with the UBC Golden Key team and members.

Rajvir Bassi

Vice President Admin

Hello everyone, my name is Rajvir and I am a 3rd year Geological Engineering student. This is my first year with Golden Key and I will be the Vice President Administrator for this year. I eagerly look forward to meeting and working with the Golden Key team to make sure that all upcoming events are a success.

Shahil Shah

Executive Assistant

Hey everyone, My name is Shahil Shah, i am a 3rd year undergraduate student majoring in Psychology with an Economics minor. This is my 1st year at GK and i will be taking the role of Executive Assistant. I can't wait to help organize community service initiatives with the team.

Arijit Mondal

Executive Assistant

Hi, I am Arijit and I am in the faculty of arts in my 3rd year at UBC aspiring to major in Economics. Eventually, I want to work in the field of finance. I love watching and playing soccer. This is my first year with Golden Key and I look forward to participating in the various social activities and grabbing the wide array of opportunities that this prestigious club presents.

Phyllis Tang

Chapter Advisor

My warmest Congratulations to all new inductees, and welcome to UBC Golden Key! As the Alumni Engagement Associate at the UBC Faculty of Education, Dean’s Office and a Research Assistant with UBC Access & Diversity, it is my greatest pleasure to create synergies between faculties, alumni groups, and student organizations to help unlock individuals’ full potential. During my years with UBC GK, I have been a Finance Director, 2-year Graduate Advisor, and 4-year President. Having completed my Music and Accounting studies at UBC, I have pursued graduate studies at York University in Ethnomusicology, and won the prestigious York Graduate Scholarship for Academic Excellence. I enjoy teaching piano & music theory, while learning about Real Estate and Christian Studies. Currently, I am a York Graduate Associate of Asian Research and have a keen interest in how music can be used to preach the Gospel. I have completed field work research in Los Angeles, Toronto, and Vancouver on various music ministries. I look forward to advising Golden Key throughout the year and would like to invite everyone of you to explore new endeavours and to get to know both each other and your executive team. Our chapter is only as strong and as diverse as you make it! Therefore, I would like to challenge each of you to make the most of your membership and actively engage in GK activities. Thank you for joining us at our annual New Member Recognition Event! Once again, welcome to the World’s Premier Collegiate Honour Society and Congratulations on your high achievement!

Sarpreet Sekhon

Graduate Advisor

Hi all! My name is Sarpreet and I am a Micriobiology and Immunology graduate. Last year I served as Co-President of UBC Golden Key and this year I have the honour of advising your executive team. We hope to see you all coming to Golden Key events to chat, listen, and discover your potential as a student and GK member!

Dawn Lee

Graduate Advisor

Hello and welcome to the UBC Golden Key Socie-ty! My name is Dawn and I am a graduate with a Psychology major and Family Studies minor. This year, I am delighted to act as the Graduate Advisor to our UBC Golden Key Chapter! Having been a part of the GK Executive team for over 4 years, I hope to continue to support the team and see it reach new heights of potential! As such, I look forward to give back to our team and the GK Community the experience that I have gathered. I will be playing a facilitative role in providing guidance where necessary to ensure that each of our Team's events are met with success!


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